Like farts in the wind


Five Star General Colin Bowel


Where is my Dove? I can't wash myself with another soap not Colgate not Cadum I need my Dove it's a very awkward situation if I don't find it I will be late to go to the Congress for the public declaration of that little italian peddler that Berlusmoney that swindler with his suitcase full of documents about uranium about Africa about Niger only scrap paper only trash like this filth on my hands but where is my Dove? this lavatory is a real mess no I don't want Palmolive I know which kind of balm to give to clean the dirtyness to tidy up the world I need my Dove oh when my planes dove oh my old man napalm my bombs these divine soap bubbles from the sky the blast the fire the rubble and the silence at last but where is my Dove? it's smiling my face in the mirror I am the spitting image of a warrior my full dress fits me like a glove so fuck the Dove! I will go to the Congress with all my medals on my chest and the good Lord above


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