In wartime


For future memory

...where the dead walked and the living were made of cardboard.
Ezra pound


We who knew and shrugging
our shoulders saying " oh it's nothing!"
not wanting to believe in the madness
and continuing in our personal affairs
intent until the day turned to twilight
absent-mindedly reading every morning
the news of the up-coming horror
as things that didn't effect us
the sound of a remote catastrophe
somewhere on the map of Africa
or of the vanishing of winged reptiles
and from the statistics however
we were precisely informed
of the increase of the percentage rate
of the profit of the war industry
and we thought "it's all too complicated
it's enough arranging lunch and dinner engagements"
and we preferred believing in the astral signs
to decipher our destiny and the wager
and while the clues multiplied
and voices from several parts
put us on our guard we were much too occupied
disputing if the movie stars normally wore
or not under pants and frankly
annoyed we ran to plug our ears
with head phones and songs
but we were the first to console ourselves
when pleased by the exhibition of muscles
we felt safe with the strongest
and only mumbling " its their problem"
watching bombs and missiles falling
on others like us with arms and legs
and tranquil in our sunrises and sunsets
we returned to crowd the streets
and we continued to walk in circles
to walk in circles to walk in circles
until there was no longer anything left